indian head massage

this treatment originated in india and has been used for centuries as a means of stress relief. traditional indian head massage was restricted to the head and hair, however with westernisation intervention, the therapy now includes areas of the upper back, neck, shoulders and upper arms.   

both the head and neck hold tension and stress and indian head massage addresses these areas. it helps disperse toxins, improves circulation and promotes a feeling of well-being. 

massaging the back, shoulders, head and neck relaxes and soothes sore and tense muscles, reducing fatigue and greatly improving circulation. this type of massage is deeply relaxing and helps balance the bodies energy flow. (chakras)

the benefits of an indian head massage include but are not limited to:  

increase blood flow to head, neck & shoulders
nourishment of the tissues which helps healing, 
improvement in circulation 
increased lymphatic flow which helps get rid of toxins 
relaxation of muscle & nerve fibres 
increased oxygen to brain which encourages clear thinking 
improved circulation to the scalp promotes hair growth, improves hair & skin condition 
release of stale energy, which helps to restore a feeling of balance 
reduces stimulation of the nervous system which reduces stress & anxiety & helps slow down breathing
relaxes eye muscles to relieve tired eyes & eye strain 
improvement in sleep pattern 
psychologically uplifting 

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